Professional JavaScript 2023 (Beginner to Advanced!) Udemy Coupon

Professional JavaScript 2023 (Beginner to Advanced!)

This is the #1 resource to master modern JavaScript! Learn modern ES6+ JavaScript by building 2 beautiful projects.

Created by ByteGrad by Wesley | 14 hours on-demand video course

— NEW ON UDEMY (just switched my courses to Udemy) — This is the #1 resource to master modern JavaScript (ES6+)! Take your JavaScript to an advanced, professional level by building 2 beautiful, real-world projects from scratch. Other courses start from outdated concepts first (like ES5 and below) — we will use modern concepts right from the start (ES6+ like const/let and arrow functions — of course properly explained).

What you’ll learn

  • How to code JS in 2023 by building realistic projects from scratch and seeing how it all fits together
    Best practices in 2023
  • Avoid hundreds of beginner mistakes so the people who have to interact with your code have it easy
  • Deeply master JS/programming basics: var/let/const, functions, objects & arrays, etc.
  • Critical best practices that every JS-developer should know (e.g. how to use async/await)
  • Learn how to communicate with an API properly by using fetch()
  • Learn the crucial additions to JS: arrow functions, destructuring, spread operator, etc.
  • Easily master React/Angular/Vue or NodeJS afterwards since you mastered concepts often used in those frameworks
  • Build modern web apps without frameworks and see why people use React
  • Implement a simple build process for JS with webpack and Babel
  • BONUS: By going through the course you’ll naturally improve design/HTML/CSS too

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