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PL-400: Microsoft Power Platform Developer

Extend the Power Platform using code. For people who have already studied for the PL-100 and PL-200 exams. For PL-400

Created by Philip Burton | 11 hours on-demand video course

This course is a follow-up course for you, if you have already studied for the PL-100 and PL-200 exams. This course covers the additional content required for the PL-400 certification exam, current as per the PL-400 exam update of 19 September 2022. This course teaches the requirements for the Microsoft Certificate PL-400 “Power Platform Developer”, and focuses on programming in JavaScript/TypeScript and C# to expand the Power Platform.

We’ll start off by looking at extending the user experience. Using Visual Studio Code, we will create some JavaScript code that will run when our model-driven app is opened. We’ll then create some command buttons, along code to run when the user clicks these. We will then concentrate on create code components, replacing existing parts of the model-driven app.

What you’ll learn

  • Extend the user experience, creating JavaScript code which runs when a model-driven app is opened, a button is clicked, and as part of a code component.
  • Extend the platform, creating plug-ins, custom connectors and platform APIs
  • Develop Integrations, publishing and consume Dataverse events, implementing data synchronization, and processing workloads
  • Validate requirements and design technical architecture, implement Application Lifecycle Management, and implement error checking
  • Download for free Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and more.

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