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Microsoft Fabric: The Future of Data Analytics

Microsoft Fabric for Power BI, Data Factory, Data Engineering, Data Science and Data Warehousing

Created by Randy Minder | 9 hours on-demand video course

Microsoft Fabric: The Future of Data Analytics Course. In this almost eight hour course, you will learn about Microsoft Fabric (currently in public preview), a unified platform designed to meet your organization’s data and analytics needs. You will explore the capabilities of Fabric, understand how it works, and learn how to use it to build end-to-end data analytics solutions.

The course covers a wide range of Fabric experiences, including:

  • OneLake: The concept of OneLake is to unify all of your data into a single repository, regardless of its source or format. This makes it easier to manage your data and to perform analytics across all of your data.
  • Lakehouses: Lakehouses are a new type of data store that combine the benefits of data lakes and data warehouses. They offer the scalability and flexibility of data lakes, while also providing the performance, structure and governance of data warehouses.
  • Data Warehouses: A database system that stores data in OneLake and provides a medium to interact with the database using SQL commands or other compute engines.
  • Direct Lake: Direct Lake is a new feature for Power BI that provides all the benefits and performance of Import Mode without actually importing any data into your data model.
  • Data Factory: Data Factory is a Fabric service that helps you to automate the process of data ingestion, transformation, and loading. Data Factory can be used to build pipelines that process data from a variety of sources including sources native to Fabric and outside the Fabric environment:
  • Dataflows Gen2: A new version of Dataflows that is built on top of Power Query Online. It provides a number of new features and improvements over Dataflows Gen1.
  • Delta Parquet files: Delta Parquet files are a new type of Parquet file that support incremental updates. This makes them a good choice for data lakes that are used for streaming data or for data that is frequently updated.
  • Shortcuts: Shortcuts are a new feature of Azure Data Factory that make it easier to reuse data pipelines. Shortcuts can be used to create a reusable reference to a data pipeline, which can then be used in other pipelines.

This course is designed for data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, Power BI developers and other professionals who want to learn how to use Microsoft Fabric to build end-to-end data analytics solutions. No prior experience with Fabric is required. This course is a great way to learn about the latest in data analytics technology and to gain the skills you need to build end-to-end data analytics solutions in Microsoft Fabric.

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