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MATLAB/Simulink for Power Electronics Simulations

Learn Simulink by modeling power electronics devices (rectifiers, dc-to-dc converters & inverters) in MATLAB/Simulink

Created by Ricardo Romero, PE | 7 hours on-demand video course

This course is designed to allow you to simulate any power electronics device in MATLAB/Simulink, including rectifiers, dc-to-dc converters, and inverters. This course not only gives a review of the theory of how rectifiers, dc-to-dc converters, and inverters work, but also gives several examples on how to simulate these devices using MATLAB/Simulink. The MATLAB/Simulink models for the power electronics devices created during the lectures are available for download with each lecture.

What you’ll learn

  • How to simulate power electronics devices in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Simulation of half-wave and full-wave rectifiers in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Simulation of buck, boost, and buck/boost converters in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Simulation of single-phase and three-phase inverters in MATLAB/Simulink
  • How rectifiers, dc-to-dc converters, and inverters work
  • How to determine the performance of power electronics devices
  • How to design power electronics devices to meet certain design specifications
  • MATLAB/Simulink models provided so you can follow along and use for your own designs
  • How to implement a PID controller in MATLAB/Simulink
  • Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering Simulations in MATLAB/Simulink

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