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Master Svelte Framework – The Complete Course 2023

Build a user-friendly website with Svelte and SvelteKit – inc. Firebase, SSR, and more!

Created by Codestars, Noah Glasser | 13 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to Master Svelte Framework – The Complete Course. In this 2023 course you’ll master Svelte and SvelteKit AND learn how to build a fully-functional website as you do! It’s a major website build that you can populate with users and user posts, profiles, voting and more – and it’s a brilliant way to practice as you learn! As well as the main project, this XX hour course is filled with dozens of mini-exercises that challenge you to use what you’ve just learnt and apply it. This is a hands-on coding course!

Master Svelte Framework- The Complete Course is a hands-on deep dive in to Svelte and Svelte Kit. Starting with the basics of each, you’ll quickly move on to the main project that the course is built around – a giant Book Lover website project!

This course is aimed at beginners to Svelte andSvelteKit, and teaches students everything they need to dive in to Svelte Framework development. Students should have some basic Javascript knowledge. By the end of the course you’ll have the skills and knowledge you need to build a site that users can log in to, post content to and vote on their favourite content. It’s a lot of functionality, a lot of fun, and a great project for your portfolio too!

What you’ll learn

  • Learnt the foundations of Svelte and SvelteKit first, then take the next step
  • Learn Firebase with SvelteKit
  • Built your own interactive website with Svelte and SvelteKit
  • Create and mange user sign ups, log ins, and authentication
  • Build a ‘Like’ / ‘Unlike’ voting system for users
  • Everything you learn in this course and project build can be transferred over to your own site builds

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Svelte & SvelteKit: The Complete Guide

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