Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts Udemy Coupon

Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts

For Developers – Build Linux Programmable Libraries, Makefiles, Memory Management, Compilation & Linking, C Programming

Created by Abhishek CSEPracticals, Shiwani Nigam, Ekta Ekta | 14 hours on-demand video course

The intention of this course is to make you ready for System programming Technical interviews, interview level – from Beginner to Intermediate. This course is for (future) Developers, not for testers or System Administrators.

I choose to create this course to fill the gap between novice/beginner and intermediate/Advanced Programmers. This Linux System Programming Techniques & Concepts course assumes that you are at least above average in programming (in any programming language, but preferable in C/C++) – know memory allocations, all kinds of loops, function calls, pointers etc. In this course, I won’t teach C/C++ (there are already many courses on it online) but would teach programming techniques and low-level details regarding how C program works behind the scenes – All topics are very important from an interview point of view. My Target is to grow this course into Linux/C Bible.

What you’ll learn in Linux System Programming Course

  • Learn Advance Programming Concepts in C/C++
  • Develop and Integrate C/C++ Libraries
  • Automate Build Process using Makefile
  • Use of Function Pointers as Callbacks
  • Static and Dynamic Libraries and Linking
  • Compilation Process of a GCC Compiler
  • Organize the code into Header and Source files
  • Understanding Memory allocations, Heap Memory Management, Memory Leaks
  • Stack Memory, Stack overflow, Stack Corruption, Stack Registers
  • Paging Concepts and Page Tables
  • Concept of TLVs

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