Learn Spring Boot 3 in 100 Steps - No 1 Java Framework Udemy Coupon

Learn Spring Boot 3 in 100 Steps – No 1 Java Framework

Java Spring Boot Framework in 100 steps – Build a REST API and a Web application with Java, JPA, SpringBoot and Maven

Created by in28Minutes Official | 15.5 hours on-demand video course

Spring Boot has a lot of magic going for it. Developing REST Services with Spring Boot is cool and fun. Spring Boot makes it easy to create stand-alone, production-grade Spring based Applications that you can “just run”. Most Spring Boot applications need very little Spring configuration. This course is now updated with new sections. Updated with Spring Boot 2 and Spring 5. In this course, you will learn the features of Spring Boot and Spring Boot Starter Projects with hands-on step by step approach. You will learn about Spring Boot step by step – in more than 100 steps. This course would be a perfect first step as an introduction to Spring Boot.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Spring Boot 3 – LATEST version of Spring Boot Framework
  • Build Web Application and REST API with Spring Boot
  • Learn MAGIC of Spring Boot – Auto Configuration, Spring Initializr and Starter Projects
  • Connect to a Database using JPA/Hibernate and Spring Boot
  • You will learn to write great Unit and Integration tests using Spring Boot Starter Test
  • Spring Boot STARTER Projects – Spring Boot Web, Spring Boot Test, Spring Boot Data JPA, Spring Boot Data REST
  • You will understand how to make BEST USE of Spring Boot Actuator and Spring Boot Developer Tools
  • You will learn how to externalise application configuration using Spring Boot Profiles and Dynamic Configuration
  • You will understand and use the embedded servlet container options provided by Spring Boot – Tomcat, Jetty and Undertow
  • You will understand the basics of developing a Web Application – POST, GET, HTTP, MVC Pattern
  • You will understand the basics of styling your web page using Bootstrap framework

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