Learn Python 3 programming Become job ready using Pycharm Udemy coupons

Learn Python 3 programming | Become job ready using Pycharm

Practical programming for complete beginners with real world projects. Learn Python3, Tkinter, API’s, Web scraping, etc

Created by Faisal Memon | 12.5 hours on-demand video course

This python 3 programming bootcamp is for complete beginners and teaches you everything you should know about Python. This is not a theoretical course, but instead I will teach you step by step, practically, by writing programming examples. Python is high on demand for jobs right now. It can be applied and used at various places like building web applications, desktop applications, data science, machine learning, etc. Large companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix – use python and hence learning python can actually open doors to some of the best companies in the world.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn writing complex python 3 programs in a practical way.
  • Appear confident in interviews and crack them easily
  • Learn about python fundamentals like data types, operators, reserved words
  • Learn about python flow control and loops
  • Learn about python strings and how can you use them
  • Learn about using python tuple and lists
  • Learn about python sets and dictionary along with examples
  • Learn what are python functions and modules. We will also understand how to use them.
  • Learn object oriented programming with python with examples
  • Learn how to create user interface for your python software using tkinter
  • Build real world projects like calculator, currency converter, URL shortener, web scraper, etc
  • Learn how can you work with API’s using python

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