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ITAM / Cyber Security Workshop with NIST – CIS – ITAM Map

Learn how IT Asset Management supports cybersecurity in over 750 ways! Includes NIST – CIS – ITAM mapping!

Created by Keith Rupnik, Regina Rupnik | 1.5 hours on-demand video course

As an organization, your network’s attack surface is the primary vulnerability that attackers exploit to cause harm. To effectively manage your attack surface, keeping an accurate inventory of all assets, including those owned by the corporation, employees, and vendors, is crucial. You can monitor real-time changes by employing IMACD (install, move, add, change, dispose). However, this relies on upstream processes, policies, and standards that begin before acquisition and continue after end-of-life. It is important to limit exceptions and ensure that executive management supports these processes, policies, and standards.

In this workshop, you will learn how ITAM supports cybersecurity in over 750 ways so that you can protect your organization’s data, which are its crown jewels. You will also receive the mapping between ITAM’s 37 key components to NIST’s and CIS’s security controls. Utilizing the mapping, you can confidently apply the knowledge gained from the workshop to benchmark and advance your IT, ITAM, and IT security programs. This will expand your educational experience beyond the workshop. You will also learn how ITAM benefits departments other than IT security. Funding ITAM initiatives is one of the best investments for your organization, and executives will love it!

This workshop will teach you about ITAM’s impact on IT security and the entire organization. You will receive a tool that, when appropriately used, will accelerate your ITAM, IT, and IT security programs by assessing your current ITAM Program’s performance and then developing a roadmap for improvement.

What you’ll learn

  • How the relationship between ITAM and IT security makes IT security’s objectives attainable.
  • The mapping of ITAM components to both CIS’s and NIST’s cybersecurity frameworks.
  • How to use the mapping to assess the ITAM program’s support for IT security.
  • How to move the ITAM program forward with IT security.
  • The reason for managing the IT asset’s lifecycle.
  • The critical components of the ITAM program.
  • The value of each lifecycle phase to IT security as well as other departments.

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