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Intermediate Python: Memory, Decorator, Async, Cython & more

Stand out from the mass. Become a Python expert and understand what the CPython API, PyBind11 and more is.

Created by Jan Schaffranek | 5.5 hours of video course

The Intermediate Python: Memory, Decorator, Async, Cython & more course covers intermediate to advanced Python programming techniques. This means that the course is not aimed at programming beginners. This course is compact, instructive, and useful. You learn not only how to use Python well, but also more abstract concepts that are transferable to other languages, as well as how to create a good programming environment. In the course we will use Visual Studio Code (VSCode) as the IDE which is free for all operating systems. I assume that you have already Python 3.8 or newer on your system, if not you could install it via Anaconda for example.

What you’ll learn

  • Memory management of variables in Python (Mutability)
  • The correct use of sequences and iterables
  • Functions, Decorators, Lambdas etc.
  • Object orientation and inheritance
  • The integration of Cython code
  • Using the Python C API
  • Async and Parallel Code

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