Golang: How to Build a Blockchain in Go Guide

Golang: How to Build a Blockchain in Go Guide

Learn how to build a blockchain from scratch with Go Programming Language (Golang)

Created by Jun Sakai, Yuko Sakai | 5.5 hours on-demand video course

This course provides a hands-on approach to learning about Blockchain concepts, intuition, and implementation. In this course, we’ll be utilizing Blockchain technology and Go to develop a money transfer system. With a blockchain network, cross-border money transfers and many other transactions involving digital assets can all be made possible by just about anyone with access to the internet. But have you ever thought about how Blockchain can provide a solution for many of the challenges of registration related to land ownership and real estate? Implementation of a blockchain-based registry can enable the ownership documents to be recorded and assigned to an owner’s user account. With Blockchain, every transaction is traceable, timestamped, and indisputable. Used in this way, blockchain can provide a highly secure record of ownership that can’t be manipulated or lost. The possibilities of the uses of blockchain are endless – from voting systems to issuance of IDs such as passports – all can be made possible with blockchain technology. Blockchain is the future and by understanding the concept and actually creating it from scratch, you’ll be able to apply Blockchain in the real world.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the theory and mechanisms behind Blockchain
  • Understand the verification process with Blockchain transactions
  • Understand consensus algorithm that’s used for deriving nonce when mining
  • Understand the theory behind sending/receiving cryptocurrency
  • Learn how to develop a basic Blockchain using Go
  • Understand hash’s role in blockchain management
  • Understand how Blockchain consensus mechanisms work

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