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Full Stack – React Django DRF Channels Project – djChat

React, Typescirpt, Django, Channels and DRF. Building a live chat application.

Created by Very Academy | 28.5 hours on-demand video course

The course focuses on building a chat server administration API and integrating it with a front-end templating framework. It also covers API integration and building chat services with features like authentication.

The first module covers source control and project initiation, including creating a new Django DRF project and configuring environment variables. It also teaches configuring Visual Studio Code for linting and formatting.

The second module focuses on building a chat server administration API. It covers generating names, designing chat servers, and creating the necessary models and database tables. It also includes configuring API documentation and creating API endpoints for filtering servers and returning related data.

The third module introduces front-end templating with React. It covers creating a new React project, routing, integrating Material-UI, and building components like the app bar, primary draw, and principal component.

The fourth module covers API integration using Axios. It teaches making API requests, configuring Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), and creating a CRUD hook. It also includes building components for exploring popular servers and categories.

The fifth module focuses on building chat services using Django Channels. It covers installing and configuring Channels, implementing web sockets, and creating chat room functionality. It also includes templating for server pages and implementing message history.

The sixth module covers authentication using the djangorestframework-simplejwt library. It covers token-based authentication, creating login and registration forms, protecting API endpoints, and implementing WebSocket authentication.

The final module extends chat services with additional features.

The course provides a comprehensive guide to building a Django DRF project with chat server administration, integrating with a front-end framework React, and implementing essential features like authentication and chat functionality.

What you’ll learn

  • Develop Django projects with RESTful APIs using Django REST Framework (DRF) and efficiently manage project source control.
  • Build a robust chat server administration API with features like server filtering, channel management, and related data retrieval.
  • Create visually appealing front-end interfaces using React, React Router, and Material-UI for seamless user experience.
  • Integrate external APIs into Django projects using Axios, handle CORS, and implement CRUD operations for efficient data handling.
  • Implement secure authentication mechanisms using djangorestframework-simplejwt, including token-based login, registration, and WebSocket authentication.

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