Excel VBA -Learn Visual Basic macros (Beginner to Advanced) Udemy Coupon

Excel VBA -Learn Visual Basic macros (Beginner to Advanced)

Become a Guru in Microsoft Excel macros (VBA) to automate your tasks, reports, dashboards and analysis with Visual Basic

Created by Rami Abou Jaoude | 19.5 hours on-demand video course

Why learn Microsoft Excel Visual Basic (VBA): Today, Ms Excel is becoming the tool of choice in companies (in the USA alone, more than 500,000 companies actively use Excel) to be able to perform analysis and present data in a Quick way. A lot of the work won’t require complicated models and can be set up in an automated way.

Work Smarter not Harder: With the advance of technology and information, jobs are becoming more and more challenging. In addition, data and analysis are becoming more and more accessible with time. The difference in productivity between a NOOB in Excel and an advanced User is more than 10X. Imagine automating your task and using your time for more productive activities!

What you’ll learn

  • Automate your tasks in Excel and focus your time on more productive activities
  • Wow your stakeholders, e.g., Dynamic Charts and AI analyzing your report
  • Make your team work fast and better with efficient VBA tools
  • As you can’t memorize everything, learn how to search, modify and use the right piece of code
  • Loose the fear of using VBA

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