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Elm – The Complete Guide (a web development video tutorial)

Learn the language of the future for web development and increase your productivity and fun using Elm, Elm UI and others

Created by Carlos Saltos | 21 hours on-demand video course

Create great web sites using this new cool language called Elm, join us and learn how to develop professional nice looking web apps for your blog, your company or your next own startup. The class is a hands on with practice videos you can follow at your own pace, the reference code is at GitHub for every step of the class. Optionally you can just jump to the last lecture of each section to get the complete code and advance quicker if you feel like to.

We are going to learn how to:

  • Setup a productive and fast development cycle using Elm Live
  • Create great visual user interfaces using Elm UI
  • Display powerful statistics graphs using Elm Charts
  • Develop solid business logic with The Elm Architecture
  • Use HTTP API remote calls with Elm JSON
  • Debug an Elm web application using the Elm Debugger
  • Design responsive web pages using Elm UI metrics
  • Make our web sites better using Accessibility with Elm
  • Draw animations using SVG and Elm SVG
  • Deploy to production using JAMStack

The teacher has vast experience from real battles developing big systems including HTTP JSON APIs, Thrift APIs, databases, the cloud, mobile and web apps. Come and join us for learning Elm together, one of the most valuable pieces for developing successful professional web sites today.

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