Econometrics and Causal Inference for Business in R & Python Udemy Coupon

Econometrics and Causal Inference for Business in R & Python

Learn Causal Inference & Statistical Modeling to solve finance and marketing business problems in Python and R

Created by Diogo Alves de Resende | 10 hours on-demand video course

Econometrics has horrible fame. The complex theorems, combined with boring classes where it feels like you are learning Greek, give every student nightmares. This course stays away from that. It will focus on (1) giving you the intuition and tools to apply the techniques learned, (2) making sure everything that you learn is actionable in your career, and (3) offer you a tool kit of peer-reviewed econometric causal inference techniques that will make you stand out and give you the ability to answer the tough questions.


In each section, you will learn a new technique. The learning process is split into three parts. The first is an overview of Use Cases. Drawing from business literature and my own experience, I will show examples where each Econometric technique has been applied. The goal here is to show that Econometric methods are actionable. The second part is the Intuition tutorials. The aim is for you to understand why the technique makes sense. All intuition tutorials are based on business situations. The last part is the Practice tutorials, where we will code and solve a business or economic problem. There will be at least one practice tutorial per section.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the application of econometric techniques in business settings
  • Apply Google’s Causal Impact to measure the effect of an intervention on a time series.
  • Code econometric techniques in R and Python from scratch.
  • Solve real business or economic problems using econometric techniques.
  • Use propensity score matching to compare outcomes between groups while controlling for confounding variables.
  • Develop an intuitive understanding of Difference-in-differences, Google’s Causal Impact, Granger Causality, Propensity Score Matching, and CHAID
  • Perform Granger causality to test for causality between two time series.
  • Develop intuition for econometric techniques through business case studies.
  • Practice coding and applying econometric techniques through challenging and interesting problems.
  • Understand and apply basic statistical concepts and techniques in real-life business cases

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