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Cybersecurity – Security Solutions & Risk Mitigation Course

This course will teach you the foundational concepts of information systems security.

Created by Edward Rudd | 7 hours of video course

Welcome to this Cybersecurity Masterclass. The world is becoming increasingly interconnected and complex. Countries and regions previously considered relatively peaceful are experiencing a new risk picture. Security Risk Management is the ongoing process of identifying these security risks and implementing plans to address them. Risk is determined by considering the likelihood that known threats will exploit vulnerabilities and the impact they have on valuable assets. The essence of our work as security professionals is our understanding of two key terms: security and risk.

Since security is what we are charged with providing to our organizations, it is a good idea to spend some time defining this and related terms. A good way to understand key terms in a broader societal context is to explore the laws and crimes around them, together with the concomitant tradeoffs that we must make lest we sacrifice privacy in the name of crime fighting. We will cover many of the disciplines that are necessary for organizations to practice security in a holistic manner. Each organization must develop an enterprise wide security program that consists of technologies, procedures, and processes covered throughout this course.

What you’ll learn

  • Learning security governance and compliance
  • Learning legal and regulatory issues
  • Professional ethics & Personnel security policies
  • Risk management & Threat modeling

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