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C++ Fundamentals: Game Programming For Beginners

Learn to make games using industry standard C++ and Raylib

Created by GameDev.tv Team, Stephen Ulibarri, Sam Pattuzzi | 11 hours on-demand video course

Learning to program can be dull, and learning C++ is hard enough without having to learn a game engine as well. In this course we teach you coding the fun way, by making games! And we’ll be using a library so you can focus on learning pure C++ and good programming practice. You’ll start by compiling your first program in C++, using Visual Studio Code as your text editor. Then create your first axe dodging game using the Raylib library. This project introduces the basic concepts of programming: variables, loops and if-statements. You expand on this in Dapper Dasher, by building a side-scrolling running game. In addition to covering essential programming concepts such as structs and functions, you’ll learn to animate 2D characters and make your game pretty.

What you’ll learn

  • How to write games in C++ from scratch
  • The basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Programming fundamentals (inc variables, loops and if-statements)
  • Clean coding practices and principles
  • How to compile and run your C++ games and apps
  • Problem solving and debugging basics with C++
  • How to use the Raylib simple games library
  • How to animate 2D characters

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