2023 Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp: Zero to Hero (Updated) Udemy Coupon

2023 Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp: Zero to Hero (Updated)

Neo4j:NoSQL All-IN-ONE Graph Database With Cypher (Foundation, Beginner, Intermediate & Expert) | Use with Python

Created by Donatus Obimighie | 22 hours on-demand video course

Neo4j is a NoSQL graph database management system (DBMS) with more than 400 commercial customers, including Cisco, eBay and LinkedIn. Neo4j is known for its low-code online resources that help educate non-technical potential customers about the uses and benefits of graph databases.

A graph database is a database designed to treat the relationships between data as equally important to the data itself. It is intended to hold data without constricting it to a pre-defined model. Instead, the data i stored like we first draw it out – showing how each individual entity connects with or is related to others. In this course, you are going to learn Neo4j from beginner to advanced level. I will show you everything you need to know to use Neo4j in your next project

What you’ll learn

  • Acquire the skills and understanding of Neo4j to confidently apply GraphDB to your projects
  • Gain Beginner to Advanced Knowledge of Neo4j & Cypher Query Language
  • Pass Your Next Neo4j GraphDB Interview and Exam With Ease
  • Learn to Use APOC, Predicate, Scalar, Aggregating, List,
 String, Mathematical Numeric, and Mathematical Trigonometric Functions In Neo4j
  • Understand Regular Expressions, Pattern, Data Integrity and Queries of Different kinds.
  • Understand the LOAD CSV in Great Details and Learn to Import Real Life Data To Neo4j
  • Understand the Link Between SQL and GraphDB.
  • Learn to Use Neo4j Professionally, Navigate Through Graph and Gain Insight Into Your Data
  • Practice Extensively Along With Real Life Problems With Solutions and Q & A
  • Learn Neo4j From Experienced Professional Graph Database Practitioner
  • Learn to Create, Read, Update and Delete Nodes and Relationships
  • Learn to Use Merge, Unwind, Range, With, Union, Limit, Where, Skip, Order By, Distinct, Match,
  • Optional Match and Several Clauses In Neo4j
  • Deep Dive Into Cypher
  • and many more

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