2024 Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp: Zero to Hero (Updated)

Deal Score+17
Deal Score+17
2024 Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp

2024 Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp: Zero to Hero (Updated)

Neo4j:NoSQL All-IN-ONE Graph Database With Cypher (Foundation, Beginner, Intermediate & Expert) | Use with Python

Created by Donatus Obimighie | 22 hours on-demand video course

“Unlock the Power of Data with Neo4j: Transform Your Career Today!”

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the dynamic world of Neo4j, the acclaimed NoSQL graph database that’s revolutionizing how industry giants like Cisco, eBay, and LinkedIn handle data. Neo4j stands out with its user-friendly, low-code approach, making the exploration of graph databases an exciting adventure for both tech enthusiasts and newcomers.

What is a graph database? It’s a game-changer in data management, treating relationships between data points as crucially as the data itself. Neo4j breaks free from traditional constraints, allowing data to be interconnected in its most natural form.

This 2024 Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp: Zero to Hero (Updated) course isn’t just a learning path; it’s a career catalyst. From basic concepts to advanced strategies, you’ll gain the skills to implement Neo4j in real-world scenarios.

What you’ll learn in 2024 Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp Course

  • Acquire the skills and understanding of Neo4j to confidently apply GraphDB to your projects
  • Gain Beginner to Advanced Knowledge of Neo4j & Cypher Query Language
  • Pass Your Next Neo4j GraphDB Interview and Exam With Ease
  • Learn to Use APOC, Predicate, Scalar, Aggregating, List,
 String, Mathematical Numeric, and Mathematical Trigonometric Functions In Neo4j
  • Understand Regular Expressions, Pattern, Data Integrity and Queries of Different kinds.
  • Understand the LOAD CSV in Great Details and Learn to Import Real Life Data To Neo4j
  • Understand the Link Between SQL and GraphDB.
  • Learn to Use Neo4j Professionally, Navigate Through Graph and Gain Insight Into Your Data
  • Practice Extensively Along With Real Life Problems With Solutions and Q & A
  • Learn Neo4j From Experienced Professional Graph Database Practitioner
  • Learn to Create, Read, Update and Delete Nodes and Relationships
  • Learn to Use Merge, Unwind, Range, With, Union, Limit, Where, Skip, Order By, Distinct, Match,
  • Optional Match and Several Clauses In Neo4j
  • Deep Dive Into Cypher
  • and many more
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Who is this Complete Neo4j GraphDB Bootcamp Course for?

  • Visionaries eager to delve into Neo4j, the trailblazer in NoSQL Graph Databases.
  • Innovators looking to blend Python with Neo4j for groundbreaking data solutions.
  • Pioneers wanting a deep, yet clear-cut mastery of Neo4j for their next big project.
  • Seekers of a Neo4j learning experience that’s both comprehensive and engaging.
  • Challengers who thrive on practical learning and tackling captivating problems.
  • Future Certified Neo4j Professionals aiming to excel in Neo4j interviews.
  • Trailblazers in big data, data science, machine learning, AI, or software development, who recognize Neo4j as a key to unlocking their potential.
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Josh Smith

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