Complete Kanban from A to Z + 4 EXTRA Courses Udemy coupons

Complete Kanban from A to Z + 4 EXTRA Courses

Undoubtedly, the most complete: Kanban, Scrum, Scrumban, GTD and Leadership. Practice-based course with real scenarios.

Created by Omni Academy, Mirko Perkusich, Ph.D, Gustavo Farias | 5 hours on-demand video course

What if you could optimize your company’s processes and increase your teams’ productivity by up to 30% without changing your workflows or spending on training, hiring consultants, or new employees? Have you ever thought if you could deliver more value to your customer in less time and with ZERO waste (Kaizen)?

The Kanban Method is the most efficient way for you to achieve this and much more. With the Kanban Method, you have visibility into the workflows of your entire organization, easily detect waste of time and resources, and find bottlenecks in the process in a stupidly simple and visual way.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be an EXPERT in KANBAN. You will know how to optimize any workflows in the organizations you work with, no matter your area of ​​expertise
  • You will learn IN PRACTICE two more agile approaches (Scrum and Scrumban) and also how to apply the best of the 3 together to deliver more value to the customer
  • You will master a complete, free, and widely used online system in the job market to apply the Kanban Method
  • WITHOUT A DOUBT, you will be more recognized and paid, as you will master something valuable for companies and that less than 5% of professionals dominate
  • You will have complete security (you will receive the step-by-step) to implement the Kanban Method in an organization or team

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