CMake Tests and Tooling for C C++ Projects [2022 Edition] Udemy Coupons

CMake, Tests and Tooling for C/C++ Projects [2022 Edition]

Learn to master modern CMake Projects, Unit Tests, Continuous Tools and more to use in your daily C/C++ workflow!

Created by Jan Schaffranek | 4 hours of video course

This exciting course provides solid knowledge about CMake and its use with other professional tools. Very comprehensive course for anyone interested in creating and maintaining professional software projects (in this case C++). Besides the basic understanding of Makefiles and the detailed introduction to CMake, best practices are not missed out. Working with GitHub, continuous integration tools, gtest and a benchmarking framework is also included.

What you’ll learn

  • CMake (Command Line and GUI)
  • Create modern C/C++ Projects
  • Use external Projects via Git, Conan and VCPKG
  • Automate the HTML Documentation of your code
  • Unit Testing with Catch2
  • Code Coverage of the Unit Tests
  • Continuous Integration with Github Actions
  • Tooling: Clang-Format, Clang-Tidy, Cppcheck

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