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C Programming Masterclass: Pointers & Advanced C Language

C Programming Advanced Topics: Pointers, Memory, Low-Level C Language and Embedded C Preparation

Created by Vlad Budnitski | 41 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to the “Advanced C Programming Masterclass: Pointers & Memory in C”! This best-seller course is designed to elevate your C programming skills, with a particular focus on the C language, topics related to embedded C, and advanced C. C programming language still remains one of the most popular and used languages in 2023 and has great career options in different industries, such as: Cyber Security, Smart Homes & Smart Cities, Drones, And especially in Embedded Systems.

The beauty of this course is that it regularly gets updated with new material. And the material being added to the course these days includes lots of information in the low-level programming (the bits and bytes), preparation for usage of Embedded C in Embedded Systems, and other very important topics for the next generation of engineers. This course covers the topics in-depth, from different angles, and with various visualizations and illustrations – that should make the learning process of pointers and low-level programming much easier and fun for you.

List of topics Our course covers a wide variety of C programming topics including:

  • The ABCs of Pointersin C Language: From declaration, initialization, usage, to dereferencing and more
  • Unraveling Complex C Programming Concepts: Multiple indirection, pointer arithmetic, and generic pointers
  • Memory Management: Dive into dynamic memory allocation, using C functions like malloc, calloc, realloc, and free
  • Advanced C Topics: Learn about dangling pointers, using the Valgrind memory leak tool, sizeof operator, arrays, strings, and the secrets of using pointers in strings
  • Function Mastery: Grasp function pointers, arrays of pointers to functions, structs, and pointers
  • Debugging Skills: Enhance your problem-solving capabilities with debugger and debugging techniques in C
  • Further Exploration: Delve into 2D matrices with pointers, computer architecture, data and structs alignment, sequential and textual files, structural and binary files, and project management
  • Detailed Insights: Understand MACRO, Enums, Constants, Bitwise Operations (Embedded), and Bit Fields
  • And more!

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