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AI Videos, DeepFakes & Voice Cloning Business: Generative AI

Deep Fakes: Machine Learning, Voice-Over, Midjourney, Generative AI, Social Media Marketing, Instagram, ChatGPT & Money

Created by Arnold Oberleiter | 2.5 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to “AI Voices & Deep Fakes”: Uncover and Scale Your Creative Power and your Business!” In this course, you’ll dive deep into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence, text-to-speech, and DeepFakes. You’ll gain insights into cutting-edge AI technologies such as ChatGPT, Midjourney, Elevenlabs, Murf AI, Stable Diffusion, FaceSwap and WAV2LIP to unleash your creative potential, scale your business, and consequently, make more money.

What you’ll learn

  • How to work with Elevenlabs
  • How to work with Murf AI
  • What Huggingface is and how its free and open-source solutions perform
  • Learn how to modify lip/mouth movements for foreign film dubbing
    Clone voices
  • Everything about TTS (Text-to-Speech) in your Business
  • Creating videos with talking heads using AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Turn a picture of a person into a moving video (Motion Copying)
  • Change what someone is saying in a video with AI
  • All about Text to Speech from Facebook, Meta, Google, and Amazon
  • Get to know the best AI-tools
  • Create videos for Social Media like Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, or Twitter
  • How to work with ChatGPT
  • How Midjourney Works
  • Hot to combine LLMs and Diffusion Models for fast results

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