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Advanced SQL for Data Engineering

Mastering SQL Database Management and SQL Query Optimization for High-Performance Data Engineering

Created by 365 Careers | 2.5 hours on-demand video course

Dive deep into the world of SQL with the Advanced SQL for Data Engineering course. This course is tailored for individuals aiming to sharpen their SQL skills and grasp advanced database design concepts, essential for numerous roles in today’s data-driven industry.

The course is structured into eight comprehensive sections. It begins with setting up the environment and an overview of relational databases to establish the groundwork for more advanced SQL topics. You will be introduced to SQL syntax, as well as Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Manipulation Language (DML), Data Query Language (DQL), and Data Control Language (DCL).

The subsequent sections progress systematically through the manipulation of databases, managing and manipulating DateTime in SQL, handling complex data types, and exploring advanced query techniques. You will master essential SQL statements such as CREATE, ALTER, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, MERGE, and DROP.

Then you will dive into the subtleties of DateTime types, timezones, and intervals, and get hands-on experience with ENUMs. Ranges, and nested data. Each topic is designed to equip you with advanced techniques for managing, querying, and manipulating databases.

After that you will explore advanced query techniques with a focus on OVER, various types of JOINS, CASE, CONCAT, and the powerful Recursive Common Table Expressions (CTEs). These concepts will hone your skills in complex data querying, a pivotal aspect of data engineering.

What you’ll learn

  • Execute Database Manipulation
  • Manage DateTime in SQL
  • Handle Complex Data Types
  • Master Advanced Query Techniques
  • Optimize Databases

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