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4×1 Data Management/Governance/Security/Ethics Masterclass

You’ll learn about data literacy, Data Quality operations, Data Governance policies and Data Security/Privacy controls.

Created by Vasco Patricio | 15.5 hours on-demand video course

A HIGH-QUALITY COURSE FOR HIGH-QUALITY DATA. Unlike other data management or data governance courses you’ll find out there, this course is comprehensive and updated. In other words, not only did I make sure that you’ll find more topics (and more in-depth) than other courses you may find, but I also made sure to keep the information relevant to the types of data quality issues you’ll find nowadays. Data operations may seem complex by nature, but they rely on simple principles.

In this course, you’ll learn about the essentials of how data are managed with activities such as profiling and remediation, as well as how data are governed with processes and policies. Not only that, we’ll dive deep into the activities, stakeholders, projects and resources that each discipline entails.

In this 15-hour+ masterclass, you’ll find the following modules:

  • You’ll learn about the essential Data Literacy and Considerations (what are the key principles, what are the different data disciplines, usual processes of each, the information lifecycle, and sophistication levels in an organisation);
  • You’ll get to know about Data and Data Quality in specific (including the types of data that exist, the types of data quality issues and their financial impact, the Data Management activity process flow, as well as the data dimensions and tools used);
  • You’ll learn about Data Governance (including how to define principles and policies, what are the specific activities such as data classification, data lineage tracking and more, as well as how to implement DG from scratch in an organisation);
  • You’ll learn about Data Security, Privacy and Ethics (including what security and privacy controls to use to protect data both in physical and logical formats, how to ensure that data subjects are treated fairly by algorithms and across geographies, how to implement and measure data ethics, and more);

By the end of this course, you will know exactly how data are managed and how they are governed in an organisation, to a deep level, including the necessary tools, people, and activities.

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