10 Projects with ChatGPT Code Interpreter (Excel Python SQL) Udemy Coupon

10 Projects with ChatGPT Code Interpreter (Excel Python SQL)

ChatGPT Code Interpreter – No Code ChatGPT Tool for Excel, Python, SQL | Build WebApps & Perform Data Analysis | ChatGPT

Created by Saad A | 4.5 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to “10 Projects with the ChatGPT Code Interpreter: Excel, Python, Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, Web Apps”. This revolutionary course makes use of the ChatGPT Code Interpreter, a transformative tool that integrates functionalities of SQL, Python, and Excel, drastically changing the landscape of data analysis, data science, and web application development.

The course begins with an introduction to the ChatGPT Code Interpreter, highlighting its practical application in executing basic tasks. As we advance, you’ll delve deep into individual projects exploring the diverse capabilities of this tool.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the use of ChatGPT 4 for image editing, QR code generation, and document analysis.
  • Discover how ChatGPT 4 enables complex data analytics like correlation and regression.
  • Explore web development with HTML/CSS through the lens of ChatGPT 4.
  • Dive into data science applications with sentiment analysis and exploratory data analysis.
  • Craft engaging web applications, like hangman and word counters, with ChatGPT 4.
  • Apply financial analysis principles to visualise historical stock returns.
  • Design and test profitable trading strategies with technical indicators using ChatGPT 4.
  • Understand ChatGPT’s transformative role in business operations and sales analysis by analysing a E Commerce store’s database
  • Become proficient in executing, testing, and understanding Python code with ChatGPT 4.

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