Webpack 5 Complete Developers Guide 2020 Udemy coupons

Webpack 5: Complete Developers Guide 2020

Webpack 5 Complete Guide w/ Federation, Performance, Plugins, Optimization, Webpack-CLI, Babel, Assets, Splitting

Created by Eyas Mattar | 4 hours on-demand video course

Webpack 5 Course For Beginner/Intermediate Developers. This course is UP-TODATE with the latest Webpack version 5 (@NEXT version). Webpack 5 still not officially released. It is available as webpack@next on npm

NOTE: On 25 June we will release “Microfrontends” & “Federation” Sections

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  1. Build Production Ready Applications
  2. Master webpack advanced concepts
  3. Support Development and Production modes
  4. Master JavaScript Modules
  5. Know the What? Why? How?
  6. Boost your application performance
  7. Split your application into bundles
  8. Microfrontends with Webpack
  9. Achieve Modular Project

What you’ll learn

  • Create Production-Ready applications
  • Improve the performance of your application
  • Master Webpack Configuration
  • How Webpack works behind the scenes
  • Transpile your dependencies and modules correctly
  • Webpack Loaders
  • Webpack Plugins
  • Customize your build
  • Split your bundle files

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