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The Full Stack Data Scientist BootCamp®

Full Stats, Python, SQL| Machine Learning & Cloud| Deep Learning| A.I | Computer Vision & NLP | Virtual Internship

Created by Dr. Bright (PhD Data Science) | 123 hours on-demand video course

By far the most comprehensive, up-to-date, and credible Data Science course. The Full-Stack Data Scientist BootCamp® is the ONLY course on Udemy that covers A to Z of lessons that will make you a Data Scientist. Created by Dr. Bright, a Ph.D. in Data Science holder, former Microsoft Senior Data Scientist, and a Visiting Faculty at Worcester Institute, this course covers everything that you need to know to become a Full Stack Data Scientist.

The instructors and advisors of the course spent over 13 months creating and vetting the course to make sure it meets the industry and academic standards. With 100 hours of quality course curriculum, this course is the same as we use for our 18 months MS in Data Science program on campus and even more exciting are the Projects in the course to make you more efficient and confident in building Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) products.

The motivation is to bring Quality Data Science education to every serious learner at affordable cost. Everyone who cannot to spend $30,000 plus on attaining a data science degree at a top tier institute or anyone who cannot spend considerable amount of time on campus away from their busy schedule. This course is meant for students and working professionals who wish to become Data scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and AI professionals.

What you’ll learn

  • Full Python For Data Science Course
  • Full Statistics For Data Science Course
  • Full Machine Learning Course
  • Full Cloud Deployment Course
  • Natural Language Processing(NLP)
  • Full Deep Learning Course
  • Computer Vision(CV)
  • Guide to Hackathons and Virtual Internship Projects
  • Learn Model Deployment on Amazon Web Service(AWS), Google Cloud(GCP), Microsoft Azure, Heroku, Flask API, Streamlit
  • Hands-On Exercises, Projects, Assignements
  • Microsoft Power BI

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