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The Complete R Programming for Data Science – 7 courses in 1

Beginner to Pro: Learn Rstudio, language, ggplot2, dplyr, analysis visualization, statistics, machine learning, projects

Created by Numyard Data Science Team, Selva Prabhakaran, Codestars by Rob Percival | 18 hours on-demand video course

In The Complete R-Programming for Data Science & Statistics program, we have carefully designed 7 Full-Fledged courses into 1 Master Course of 200+ videos, 50+ R-Packages, Core Machine Learning and statistics concepts, 75+ practice problems and 2 Industrial projects. By end of this course, you will be able to solve Industry Data Science project in R starting including model building, model diagnostics and presenting actionable business insights

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to program in R Language
  • Learn to use R Studio
  • Master statistics for machine learning
  • Master Vectors, Lists & Dataframes
  • Create variables and run loops
  • Perform binding functions & set operations
  • Create professional plots using GGPlot2
  • Master statistics for machine learning
  • Learn to use ML models for business
  • Solve Industry projects end-to-end
  • Advanced data manipulation with Data Table
  • Advanced programming with Dplyr package
  • Create full featured plots using base graphics
  • Elegant pipe syntax codes using Magrittr
  • Learn Data Manipulation verbs
  • Learn Law of large numbers
  • Central Limit Theorem & Normal Distribution
  • Statistical significance tests: t Tests , ANOVA, and more
  • Master linear & Logistics regression models
  • Build Statistical models from scratch
  • Perform post model building diagnostics
  • Hand computation of statistical tests
  • Master model insight generation skills
  • Learn how to present insights to stakeholders

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The Complete Machine Learning and Data Science Course in R

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