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Tactical Web Exploitation for Penetration Testers

Learn Black-Box Web Application Penetration Testing and Website Hacking from Black Hat Perspective

Created by Muhammad Sa’ed, Khalil Karoi | 11 hours on-demand video course

Welcome to Tactical Web Exploitation for Penetration Testers online course (TWXS01). This is an aggressive, intensive and highly advanced web application security-training course, focusing on exploiting the toughest web application vulnerabilities. It aims to teach you the skills and techniques needed to conduct a black box web application penetration tests.

This training course will introduce you to the very core of the web application exploitation process. You’ll learn the different phases involved in the black box security testing methodology by testing the applications from the outside in, with little or no prior knowledge of the application’s internal workings, using the same methods and techniques conducted by Black Hats.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn ethical hacking and penetration testing skills
  • Ability to perform manual exploitation of web applications
  • Ability to perform multi-staged chained attacks
  • Ability to perform post-exploitation techniques
  • Ability to perform advanced local file inclusion attacks (LFI)
  • Ability to perform directory traversal attacks (Path Traversal)
  • Ability to perform cross site request forgery attacks
  • Ability to exploit time-based blind SQL injection (SQLi)
  • Ability to leverage second order cross-site scripting (XSS)
  • Ability to exploit and weaponizing cross-site scripting vulnerability
  • Learn Advanced use of BurpSuite, and Much More

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