Scala & Spark-Scala from Beginner to Pro Udemy coupons

Scala & Spark-Scala from Beginner to Pro

Mastering Scala from Scratch, Learning Spark, Hadoop, ETL pipeline from AWS S3 to AWS RDS using Spark

Created by AI Sciences Team | 13 hours on-demand video course

The course Scala from Beginner to Pro is refreshingly different. The well-thought-out quizzes and mini-projects that cover all the important aspects will make your Scala learning journey that much easier. This course includes an overview of Hadoop and Spark with a hands-on project with Scala Spark. Right through the course, every theoretical explanation is followed by practical implementation. This course is designed to reflect the most in-demand Scala skills that you will start using right away at the workplace.

What you’ll learn

  • The introduction and importance of Scala.
  • Why is Scala such a popular field nowadays?
  • The important concepts from the absolute beginning with comprehensive unfolding with hands-on examples in Scala.
  • Practical explanation and live coding with Scala.
  • Understanding the variables in data types in Scala.
  • Understanding the flow controls in Scala and different ways for controlling the flow.
  • Understanding the functions and their usage in Scala.
  • Understanding the classes and their usage in Scala.
  • Understanding the data structures, namely: Lists, Lists Buffer, Maps, Sets, and Stack.
  • Understanding Hadoop.
  • Understanding the working of Spark.
  • Understanding the difference between Spark Rdds and Spark Dfs.
  • Understanding Map Reduce.
  • ETL pipeline from AWS S3 to AWS RDS using Spark.

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