Quarkus Backend development with Java and GraalVM Udemy coupons

Quarkus Backend development with Java and GraalVM

Learn how to build native backend applications with Quarkus.

Created by Dmytro Chaban | 16 hours on-demand video course

Developing with Quarkus is fast and fun. The combination of Quarkus, Java, GraalVM, Docker, Kubernetes, and JPA makes it even more fun. And it’s even more fun to deploy it onto the cloud. There are ten parts to this course – Quarkus Backend development with Java and GraalVM

Today all the companies moving onto microservices. RESTful API services are the first step to developing great microservices.

  • The first and second part will introduce you to the main concept of Quarkus and RESTful API
  • The third part covers in-depth on how Quarkus Core works
  • The fourth part covers communication like RESTful API, Websockets and CORS in-depth.
  • The fifth part will tell you how to use Maven or Gradle efficiently to build your applications, and even more.
  • The sixth part will dive you into data and persistence. You’ll work with different databases starting from MySQL and going to MongoDB, Infinispan, Neo4j, and DynamoDB.
  • With the seventh part, you’ll know how to do messaging in Quarkus. You’ll work with Apache Kafka, as well as Artemis and AMQP.
  • Part #8 will tell you how to secure your Quarkus application with such technologies as JWT, Keycloak, OAuth and more.
  • The most interesting part nine will cover Cloud and Quarkus, this includes Kubernetes, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and AWS Lambda
  • Part ten will give you information about Observability with health checks, Open tracing, Sentry and GELF logs.

What you’ll learn

  • Use Quarkus framework for backend development
  • REST API with Quarkus
  • Hibernate, JPA, Websockets with Quarkus
  • Documentation of endpoints with Quarkus
  • Reactive approach
  • Swagger, Open API and documentation made easy with Quarkus
  • RDBMS, NO-SQL with Quarkus
  • Messaging with Quarkus
  • Backend Security with Quarkus
  • Cloud, Kubernetes, Native images with Quarkus
  • Using Kotlin with Quarkus

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