[Premium] React + Typescript 2021 - Complete Master Class Udemy coupons

[Premium] React + Typescript 2021 – Complete Master Class

Learn to code the React Way with Typescript and master all the functionalities that React offers

Created by Rysher Magbanua | 19.5 hours on-demand video course

Many new React Developers find ReactJS easy to learn and that is totally true. But the problem is when they are coding complex structures, the code becomes unmaintainable and ends up having spaghetti code. Some developers as well do not know all the functionalities that React offers and they end up coding like they are using Vanilla JS instead of doing everything the React Way. Bad way of coding always produce bugs and worst, an unfixable one. If all React Developers know how to code the React Way, it will be very easy to create a future proof ReactJS application.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to Code the REACT WAY
  • Learn Javascript Advance Concepts necessary to completely understand how React works
  • Learn all the functionalities that ReactJS offers and become a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • Create a Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Become excellent in using React Hooks
  • Complete Typescript application in ReactJS for maintainable, robust and future proof application
  • Completely understand how to use React Router DOM for Routing
  • Learn all the things that ReactDOM can do, not just to render
  • Use Redux to create a centralized state and fully understand how the data flows in it
  • Create a Universal App using React Serverside Rendering with Redux
  • Best Practices in Coding (No more messy codes)
  • Creating an E-commece Shop from scratch (with Redux Saga Middleware)
  • We will not use any UI Library in this course, instead I will teach you how to create reusable
  • components so you can create your own UI Library
  • Experience is the best teacher, in this course you will experience a lot. That’s a guarantee.

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