Machine Learning for Trading with Python - Bootcamp (2020) Udemy coupons

Machine Learning for Trading with Python – Bootcamp (2020)

Learn how to use machine learning such as random forest and SVMs to develop quantitative trading strategies in Python

Created by The Trading Whisperer | 4.5 hours on-demand video course

The course is designed to fully immerse you into the complete quantitative trading/finance workflow, going from hypothesis generation to data preparation, feature engineering and training testing of multiple machine learning algorithms (backtesting). It is a bootcamp designed to get you to hero using Python and Google Colab. The course is aimed at teaching about trading, giving you understanding of the differences between discretionary and quantitative trading. You will learning about different trading instruments/products or also known as asset classes.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to develop a quantitative trading strategy
  • Understand the difference between trading actors in the market and learn about manual and systematic trading strategies
  • Learn how to analyse PnL and performance metrics of trading strategies
  • Learn how to generate original and profitable trading ideas using Python in google Colab
  • Using classification-based machine learning algorithms to make predictions and get trading entries
  • Understand what quantitative trading is all about

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