Logging in Kubernetes with EFK Stack The Complete Guide Udemy Coupons

Logging in Kubernetes with EFK Stack | The Complete Guide

Learn how to set up K8s cluster from scratch and configure logging with ElasticSearch, Fluentd and Kibana

Created by Nana Janashia | 2 hours on-demand video course

You will learn how to set up a Kubernetes cluster from scratch. configure fully functioning logging in Kubernetes cluster with EFK Stack

With following steps:

configure Java and NodeJS applications to produce logs, package them into Docker images and push into a Docker private repository.

  • create Kubernetes cluster on a cloud platform (Linode Kubernetes Engine)
  • deploy these application Docker images in the cluster
  • deploy ElasticSearch, Kibana and Fluentd in the cluster
  • configure Fluentd to start collecting and processing the logs and sending them to ElasticSearch
  • configure Kibana to visualise the log data stored in ElasticSearch

What you’ll learn

  • Set up logging in Kubernetes
  • Create Kubernetes cluster from scratch
  • ElasticSearch, Kibana, FluentD
  • Set up Docker private repository
  • StatefulSet, DaemonSet, Helm
  • Build, tag, push Docker images to private repository

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