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Journey Into Javascript

Learn to code in Javascript in this comprehensive, self-paced course. All beginners welcome!

Created by Justin Seymour | 24.5 hours on-demand video course

Whether you are new to programming, or you have some experience with HTML and CSS, learning Javascript is a great choice to start learning how to code. Javascript powers 95% of the websites on the internet and is a programming language that most software developers will eventually come across one way or another in their careers.

I have put this course together, from the ground up, with an absolute beginner in mind. I will guide you through the Javascript programming language in a structured and practical way, ensuring that you have all the necessary skills by the end of the course to be a competent Javascript programmer.

Learning a new programming language can seem overwhelming and frustrating in the beginning. This is why I have put together a private support group for all the students who enroll in the course. In the group, you can ask questions, and I will be actively providing support, so you can benefit from my knowledge as well as the knowledge of other like-minded students in the course. The course contains all the theories that you need to know, but we will take a practical approach by applying each new concept using many code samples and practice exercises. With over 240 lessons and 20 modules, the course will cover all the important topics that you will need to know to become a competent Javascript developer.

What you’ll learn

  • Programming in Javascript
  • Environment setup
  • Understand ECMA and Javascript Versions
  • Primitives in Javascript
  • Data structures in Javascript
  • Functions
  • DOM manipulation
  • HTTP requests & API’s
  • Classes and Prototypes

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