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Gatsby JS & Shopify: Gatsby ecommerce sites [Gatsby 2022]

Gatsby e-commerce stack – Use Gatsby JS & Shopify lite to build Gatsby ecommerce stores (with dynamic cart & checkout!)

Created by Tom Phillips | 6 hours on-demand video course

In this course we’ll be building a HYBRID dynamic + static Gatsby e-commerce site using Shopify to manage our product data and orders! Level-up your React skillset by learning Gatsby.js with a Shopify backend! Gatsby JS uses React JS and GraphQL to generate and build static pages from a given dataset. This course will look at setting up Shopify to manage our products and customer orders, while using GatsbyJS to generate a blazing-fast server-rendered React website from Shopify data. We’ll be creating a fully functioning e-commerce website in this course, looking at initial setup and development of Gatsby JS and Shopify locally, creating React components in Gatsby based on Shopify product and collection data, and querying Shopify data with GraphQL to automatically generate our static pages.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Gatsby
  • Learn how to use Shopify
  • Query Shopify data from Gatsby using GraphQL
  • Build a fully functional e-commerce site using Gatsby & GraphQL
  • Use React styled components to style our site
  • Creating a mobile-first responsive e-commerce layout
  • Build a dynamic cart and dynamic inventory check for our products

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