Gatsby JS, Contentful & Gatsby Cloud (Gatsby JS V3 2021) Udemy coupons

Gatsby JS, Contentful & Gatsby Cloud (Gatsby JS V3 2021)

Use Gatsby JS to build rapid static sites with Contentful as a headless CMS and deploy your Gatsby site to Gatsby Cloud.

Created by Tom Phillips | 3.5 hours on-demand video course

In this course we’ll be building a Gatsby site from a Contentful CMS data source, style our app using styled-components, and deploying to Gatsby Cloud! Level-up your React skillset by learning Gatsby.js with a Contentful CMS backend! Gatsby JS uses React JS and GraphQL to generate and build static pages from a given dataset. This course will look at setting up Contentful as a headless CMS while using GatsbyJS to generate a blazing-fast server-rendered React website from Contentful data, such as pages, menus, media, (and more!) using GraphQL to query that data.

What you’ll learn

  • Increase your value and improve your knowledge as a front-end / React JS developer
    Learn Gatsby
  • Create a static, server-compiled, content-driven website using Gatsby JS (with React JS & GraphQL)
  • Learn how to use GraphQL and GraphiQL in Gatsby to query data stored in Contentful CMS
  • Deploy your Gatsby JS static website and rebuild whenever our Contentful content changes using Gatsby Cloud
  • Use Formspree from within Gatsby to capture user’s email address and personal details
  • Style your React and Gatsby apps with styled-components

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