Build an AutoGPT Code Writing AI Tool With Rust and GPT-4 Udemy Coupon

Build an AutoGPT Code Writing AI Tool With Rust and GPT-4

Learn Rust Whilst Taking ChatGPT to the Extreme In Creating an Automated GPT that Builds and Tests Code for You

Created by Shaun McDonogh | 16 hours on-demand video course

Develop a an automated ChatGPT agent which not only writes code, but tests and re-write code for you. In fact, you can request your agent to do just about anything. By going through this course, you will not only learn and master Rust from A-Z, but you will also have extensive knowledge in how to build your very own AutoGPT.

The name of the AutoGPT we build together will be Auto-Gippity. Auto-Gippity will simply be given a task, which it will break down and delegate to other agents to complete. Each agent will be responsible for testing its own output.

Our test piece will be to build an agent that writes a web server given a template. It will write the code in Rust. Not only that, but we will write the agent, that writes Rust code…in Rust. Fantastic. What a time to be a developer.

AutoGPTs will only continue to become extremely relevant and highly sought after and combining these with the worlds favourite programming language, Rust, means that we can build an application which is blazingly fast, memory-safe, modern and robust.

What you’ll learn

  • Master the Rust programming language from zero to hero
  • Understand how to leverage GPT-4 (ChatGPT) to build your own AutoGPT using Rust
  • Understand how to build AI functions for structuring exact desired responses from LLMs (large-language-models)
  • Build your first web server using the Actix Web framework in Rust
  • Build an AutoGPT that not only writes any code you like, but tests, improves and re-writes where necessary

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