Build a Deep Learning Python Model that forecasts CO2 levels Udemy Coupon

Build a Deep Learning Python Model that forecasts CO2 levels

From scratch, start coding in Python, until you build a fully functional Deep Learning model that forecasts CO2 levels.

Created by Dr. Spyridon | 3.5 hours on-demand video course

The course teachesm from scratch, the development of a Deep Learning model that forecasts the levels of CO2 emissions in India, UK, USA, European Union, China, South Africa; the code is in Python and is fully downloadable. At the end of the course you will confidently feel able to build such a model from scratch, a knowledge valuable in our Climate Change and Data Science era.

What you’ll learn

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  • FIVE B O N U S !
  • Start from scratch and build a fully functional Deep Learning model that can forecast the levels of CO2 emissions. All is done in Python.
  • Whether you believe in Climate Change or not, Companies / Organisations/ Governments invest massively in ways to fight it & so such a skill is in high demand!
  • Examples of companies that need such a skill: World Bank, International Energy Agency, McKinsey
  • Energy Insights, United Nations, JP Morgan Green Economy Team.
  • Most online courses teach you skills, which in the end you are not sure how to put together and build something that works.
  • But this course will teach you skills which are used to build the model. You know exactly what to use them for.
  • You will learn and debunk all the fancy terms: Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Training a Model, Overfitting, Sensitivity Analysis, Errors, etc.
  • If you have experience in Machine Learning then that’s good. But this course is great for the absolute beginners. Literally, from Zero to Hero.
  • All the code is downloadable.
  • If you have questions please avoid sending them here as we are busy working Academics. Rather, please send them on www datasciencedatabase com .
  • Do you remember the last time you bought a course, only to find out after a while that you got stuck and the instructor was not helping you move on?
  • We will answer your questions by creating new videos that address them. So rest assured that you will have all your questions answered & you won’t get stuck.

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