Automate the stock & bitcoin trading with Python Udemy coupons

Automate the stock & bitcoin trading with Python

Learn how to automate the stock trading using easy python coding: to detect and alert for entry time of stock & bitcoin

Created by Matthew Park | 2.5 hours on-demand video course

What matters most in trading stocks or Bitcoin is to know when to buy or the perfect time of entry. It is frustrating and tedious to keep track of multiple stock charts every single day to capture an entry time to buy the stock. Nowadays, we can automate any kind of manual and repetitive job by programming simple computer codes. If we can automate the process of detecting the significant entry point for the stock trading, the quality of trading or the profit can be greatly improved while minimizing our attention to it.

What we are going to achieve in this lecture is to learn how to write a Python code that will keep track of stock or Bitcoin chart for significant entry signal on daily basis, so that we can get an e-mail notification to buy a certain stock when the stock shows significant buy signal even if we stay away from chores of observing stock charts on daily basis.

What you’ll learn

  • Understanding on MA and MACD technical indicators that are used by stock traders
  • Learn basics of Python coding
  • Develop a Python program that will automatically detect buy signal of stocks and send us an alert e-mail
  • How to use Alpha Vantage API to pull stock price data
  • Develop a Python program that will monitor Bitcoin on daily basis and alert us when to buy

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