Computer Vision

Modern Computer Vision GPT, PyTorch, Keras, OpenCV4 in 2024!Next-Gen Computer Vision: YOLOv8, DINO-GPT4V, OpenCV4, Face Recognition, GenerativeAI, ...

Update - for 2024: Modern Computer Vision Course
  • We're excited to bring you the latest updates for our 2024 modern computer vision course. Dive into an enriched curriculum covering the most advanced and relevant topics in the field:
  • YOLOv8: Cutting-edge Object Recognition
  • DINO-GPT4V: Next-Gen Vision Models
  • Meta CLIP for Enhanced Image Analysis
  • Detectron2 for Object Detection
  • Segment Anything
  • Face Recognition Technologies
  • Generative AI Networks for Creative Imaging
  • Transformers in Computer Vision
  • Deploying & Productionizing Vision Models
  • Diffusion Models for Image Processing
  • Image Generation and Its Applications
  • Annotation Strategy for Efficient Learning
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Zero-Shot Classifiers for Versatile Applications
  • Using Roboflow: Streamlining Vision Workflows
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